Course Description

Advanced SAS® Online Certification Training

 Instructor-Led Online Training

·        24 Hrs Training

·        Certified Trainer

·        3 Mock Tests

·        Certified SAS® Course notes

·        24/7 E-learning Access

·        Training Certificate

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Course Overview

TheSAS® Advance training course by Avsoft Virtual Academy preparesindividuals for the SAS® AdvanceCertification exam. This training program is beneficial for those who areexpert in performing SAS® programming.This SAS® advanced programming certificationcourse imparts knowledge about:

·        Solving complex problems using advanced DATA stepprogramming statements

·        Writing SAS® Macro code and programs

·        Using conditional logic in the Query Builder to create newcolumns multiple value prompts

·        Using functions to convert the data type from characterto numeric and vice-versa

·        Manipulating characters

·        Constructing sub-queries

The Advanced SAS® trainingcourse also develops proficiency in array processing and in combining largedata sets. After this course candidates can work as SAS® Analysts, Programmers, Developers and Consultants.

Course Contents

SAS® SQL 1: Essentials

·        Introduction

·        Basic Queries

·        Displaying Query Results

·        SQL Joins

·        Subqueries

·        Set Operators

·        Creating Tables and Views

·        Advanced PROC SQL Features

SAS® Macro Language 1:Essentials

·        Introduction

·        Macro Variables

·        Macro Definitions

·        DATA Step and SQL Interfaces

·        Macro Programs

SAS® Programming 3:Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies

·        Introduction

·        Efficient SAS® Programming

·        Controlling I/O Processing and Memory

·        Accessing Observations

·        DATA Step Arrays

·        DATA Step Hash and Hiter Objects

·        Combining Data Horizontally

·        User-Defined Functions and Formats

Target Audience

·        Candidates with SAS® Programming experience

·        Students who have successfully attended the FundamentalSAS® SQL courseor have an equivalent level of competence.

·        Students who have passed the SAS® BaseProgramming for SAS® 9 exam


After attendingSAS® AdvanceOnline Training, students are eligible to apply for the SAS® CertifiedAdvance Programmer for SAS® Version 9 certification exam (A00-212) and achievethe SAS® CertifiedAdvanced Programmer for SAS® 9 credential.