Course Description

SAS Base Online Certification Training

Instructor-Led Online Training

·        24 Hrs. Training

·        3 Mock Tests

·        9 Online Assessments

·        Certified SAS® Course notes

·        24/7 E-learning Access

·        Learning Certificate

Course Overview

SAS® BaseCertification Exam Prep Workshop trains the Business Analysis professionals to write SAS® programs,build proficiency in data manipulation techniques and subsequently succeed inattaining the certification - SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS® 9.

SAS® CertifiedBase Programmer for SAS® 9course includes two booksSAS®Programming

1: Essentials andSAS® Programming2: Data Manipulation Techniques.

Participants learnhow to navigate the SAS® windowing environment; read various types of datainto SAS® data sets;enhance listing and summary reports; and combine and validate SAS® data sets.


Course Contents

SAS® Programming 1: Essentials

·        Introduction to SAS® foundation

·        Introduction to SAS® programs

·        Accessing SAS® Data

·        Producing Detail Reports

·        Formatting Data Values

·        Reading SAS® Data Sets

·        Reading Spreadsheet and Database Data

·        Reading Raw Data Files

·        Manipulating Data

·        Combining SAS® Data Sets

·        Creating Summary Reports

SAS® Programming 2: DataManipulation Techniques

·        Introduction

·        Controlling Input and Output

·        Summarizing Data

·        Reading Raw Data Files

·        Data Transformations

·        Debugging Techniques

·        Debugging Techniques

·        Restructuring a Data Set

·        Combining SAS® Data Sets


Target Audience

Candidates whohave:

·        Individuals who have a keen interest in BusinessAnalytics and Data Mining

·        Individuals who want to learn how to write SAS® programs

·        Individuals who want to build proficiency in datamanipulation techniques



After attending SAS® Base OnlineTraining, you will be prepared to appear for the SAS® Certified BaseProgrammer for SAS®Version 9 certification exam.