IoT is indeed counted in the most contemporary and the most popular technological fields of our age. IoT is the acronym for Internet of Things and this technology enables a connection between multiple electrical devices or gadgets with data receiving and transferring capability. These devices can, in a sense, communicate with each other through IoT technology. Such devices could be anything ranging from a kitchen appliance like a microwave to an alarm clock and health equipment to an automobile, and a whole range of devices routinely used in homes, offices, factories, and shops. The IoT technology transforms these devices into intelligent devices, which play a vital role towards making our life easier.

The IoT technology is currently in its early phase and thus, it carries enormous scope for research and development. Therefore, there are many exciting job opportunities present in this field, for the deserving candidates, ranging from IoT Architect to Developer and IoT Manager to Chief IoT Officer. Obviously, a particular job role is offered to a candidate depending on his/her qualification, expertise, experience, and interest. Regardless of the job role, every career in this field is an exciting and rewarding as the other.